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  • iptv smarters lite epg
iptv smarters lite epg

IPTV Smarters Features & Description:

One of the best features that IPTV Smarters provides is the opportunity to download and use more than one “Playlist” or IPTV Service. TROYPOINT always recommends having a backup IPTV Service in case your favorite provider is not working.

This is a great way to ensure your live streaming is always available and manage your favorite channels across multiple platforms:

iptv smarters lite epg

Many prefer to use an EPG or Electronic Program Guide within IPTV Smarters. You can install this using your IPTV Service’s EPG M3U URL.

To do so, select Install EPG from the app main menu:

IPTV Smarters Install EPG:
iptv smarters lite epg

Click the box for EPG source link and enter your EPG M3U URL:

iptv smarters lite epg

When finished, click Add EPG

iptv smarters lite epg

Program Guide will now install. Enjoy!

iptv smarters lite epg

Using the EPG is the best way to view all Channels and Programs available within IPTV Smarters.

For those who wish to record within the app, there is a way to do so. Use guide below that will show you how to record IPTV on your preferred device:

How To Record IPTV

IPTV Smarters also offers the ability to use an external video player for streaming. We have found MX Player works great within this app and many others.

Prior to integrating this within IPTV Smarters, we must install it via side-load.

How To Install MX Player on Firestick, Fire TV, Android

Once installed, we can authorize use within settings:

Click Player Selection

iptv smarters lite epg

Click Add Player

iptv smarters lite epg

Choose MX Player

iptv smarters lite epg

Click Add

iptv smarters lite epg

Change Player to MX for any Category you prefer

iptv smarters lite epg

Click Back

iptv smarters lite epg

That’s it! Your app is now setup for use.

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